Cradle of Fenianism

‘The Cradle Of Fenianism’: Skibbereen And The Early Fenian Movement, 1850–67
By William Casey

ISBN: 978-1-9164139-0-0

The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), commonly known as the Fenian movement, had a profound impact on modern Irish history. This book examines how Skibbereen town in West Cork became known as the ‘cradle of Fenianism’. It looks at the formation of the Phoenix National and Literary Society and how central figures in that society, such as Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Mortimer Moynahan and Patrick Downing, went on to play key roles in the Fenian movement both in Ireland and America. It also details the development of the IRB locally and the part played by lesser known figures such as Cornelius Dwyer Keane and John O’Driscoll. In doing so, its aims to give the reader a greater insight into the development of this important national movement.
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A group of Fenian prisoners from Skibbereen being escorted into Cork Jail in March 1866.
(Originally from the Illustrated London News)